Louise & Lars: India journey 2006 (Lou with Dad)

In feb 2006 Lou and I went to India for 2 weeks. I had not seen India since I travelled there with Gunnar i 1968/69. Lou wanted to go an exotic place – when I offered a journey – so together we decided for India. In Delhi we stayed with Harry and Neelu for 5 days, at Harry’s parents.

I met Harry in 68 – and he normally lives in Toronto – so it was great luck that he was “home”. Embraced in the Hassanwalia hospitality Lou and I saw Delhi, the Tibetan monastry Laddakh, friend Bunty and family, the farm, the friends, a real market and Taj Mahal and…..

Then we flew to Goa, former colony of Portugal, on the westcoast. With base on Chalton Hotel we lived sunny days on the beach, saw the high waterfall with monkeys, shopped at Arjuna Market, studied the churches of Old Goa, and Lou parasailed and karooked…..

And a lot more….

Kim punked me to quick this text – possibly I will elaborate later – but it is all with love.

Take a look !

Love from Lars – and surely form Lou too 🙂

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  1. Det ville være dejligt om Lou ville komme med nogle gode blondinevitser om turen til Indien – er en overtalelse mulig?
    Det kunne selvfølgelig også være vitser om mænds selvoptagethed eller andre svage sider mænd har!
    Kærlig hilsen Nik

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