Living in the city! From 20:00 to 22:30 tonight!


Grrrrraaaand Opening Night!

19:30 – Kim Arrives at Hverfisgötu 37. Nervous and excited.

19:32 – Kim opens his first beer.

20:00 – Erla, Lars, Louise, Máni, Óliver and Röskva arrives.

20:02 – Máni and Óliver eats the first lollipops.

20:07 – People start to arrive.

20:08 – People say Wow!

20:31 – The band arrives, sets up their stuff. People get excited. Say Wow! again. And they start drinking the free Gin instead of the free beer.

20:45 – The owner of Foss Hotels drops by and buys all the artwork. Kim gets excited. Erla says Wow!

21:00 – The band starts playing. People go absolutely crazy, starts moshpitting and crowdsurfing instantly.

22:00 – The police comes. When they see the artwork and all the goodlooking people, they throw their uniforms and starts dancing. The shorter policeman does a headspin.

22:30 – Gallery Gel suddenly becomes too little for the wild crowd, and the all the shiny, happy people walks out, aiming for the first and best bar to celebrate that the night and spirit is still sooo immensly young.

And the rest will become history….

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Warm hugs and headspin – Kim.

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5 Replies to “Living in the city! From 20:00 to 22:30 tonight!”

  1. Heysa bro.!

    Du ønskes fra Danmark held og lykke med projektet. Hvor er det fedt at se at din ide for et år siden har udviklet sig til et så spændende arrangement. 🙂 Gid jeg kunne være der!
    Kæmpe knus

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